Social Corporate Responsibility

We at Al Zeina Tissue Mill believe that our staff and employees are our key resource to realize growth, sustainability and comparative edge. We continuously invest to develop the our human resource base through ongoing training, development and education. We target technological educational programs to stay ahead as well as key safety and security measures to ensure that all our staff become at home with those parameters. We also focus on developing our human resource culture into that which is concerned about the environment, so that each of our employees and staff is an ambassador of model corporate citizenship. These measures and strategies are hand in hand with the company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) measures which place Al Zeina Tissue Mill among the leading companies practicing CSR principles. Among those are:

  • Providing medical insurance for workers and employees while offering their families effective pension schemes.
  • Supporting and encouraging educational programs and effective workshops to enhance the work environment in all aspects encompassing safety and security.
  • Providing support to our employees and staff to lead and develop prosperous family life.