Machine Specifications

Our Crescent Former Tissue machine supplied by PMT Italy has the following specifications:

  • Used Material is 100% of high quality virgin pulp. The fiber blend is fully adjustable according to the needs.
  • Machine maximum operating speed is 2000 mpm
  • Machine width is 275 cm
  • Paper Grammage ranges from 12.8 gsm to 45 gsm
  • Machine is equipped with Distributed Control System (DCS) and Quality Control System (QCS)
  • Machine is equipped with a dust removal system to maintain a healthy work place, and a dust free paper.
  • Machine is also equipped with an effluent unit which separates sludge from water going to the main sewage area, and this helps in preserving the environment and preventing pollution
  • The combining winder includes 3 unwind stands and online calendar. Its operational speed reaches 1800mpm. The produced jumbo reels cutting size ranges from 17 to 275cm and the diameter from 70 to 190 cm on 3 or 6 inches diameter cores.